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Jenifer Hathaway Founder of JLH Bookkeeping
Jenifar Hathaway - Director 

JLH Bookkeeping was founded in 2012 by owner, Jenifar Hathaway. Jenifar has a Bachelor of Commerce, with a Major in Accounting, and also studied Science with a Major in Mathematics at Melbourne University. Jenifar is also studying her CPA.  

Jenifar has worked in Commercial Accounting roles for 8 years. After deciding to return to work after having her second child, Jenifar realised the workforce she was accustomed to, was inflexible when it came to family commitments. It was in 2012 that she decided to develop JLH Bookkeeping in order to allow her professional knowledge and skills to flourish, whilst assisting other small businesses to do the same.

JLH Bookkeeping is aimed at small businesses who want quality, timely, simple and affordable bookkeeping provided by a qualified Accountant.

"A massive thumbs up to Jen and the team at JLH! I'm so glad I made the choice to have you guys look after our books. You just take the headache out of it and allow me to get back to developing my business. Thanks so much! "
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